Natalie Irby is an award-winning filmmaker and the Founder, CEO of Corner to Corner Productions, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles. She shot, edited, produced and co-directed the web series, Millennial Parents, which was featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, and lauded as one of the “10 Best Web Series” by LA Weekly. She produced the feature documentary, Landfill Harmonic, which not only screened at 140 festivals around the world, but also received multiple awards, including the 24 Beats Per Second Audience Award at SXSW, the World Cinema Audience Award at the AFI Film Festival, and the Humanities Prize. It is currently on HBO Latino. She is the Executive Producer of the docu-series entitled Celebrating Storytellers. which highlights cultural revitalization and creative economy throughout her home state of Mississippi and was featured in the New York Times. Within Celebrating Storytellers, over 100 photo stories were produced in 13 small towns across the state of MS. Through Feb. 2018, 200 5-foot images spanned a mile through downtown Jackson, making it the largest open-air gallery in the United States. She is the Executive Producer and editor of the feature documentary, Mighty Ground, which was shot in Los Angeles, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and won the Documentary Feature Audience Award at the Calgary Film Festival. While garnering festival acclaim, the film also screened across the U.S. on a benefit tour with the HomeAid organization. It was acquired by indie-powerhouse Random Media, the film saw the beginning of its digital release, in April. She is the Associate Producer of D-Love, a 10x Best Narrative Feature winner. Her original song, “Take My Hand”, debuted on the soundtrack. She is the President of Creative Mississippi, an organization that serves as an umbrella to produce stories of creativity and resilience in the rural South. She is also on the board of the Hollywood Film Festival. In 2018, she founded The Editing Artists—a line editing firm which specializes in nonfiction literature, essays, website copy, editorial columns, and blogs. She is a short fiction author, a Reiki practitioner, and an American History junkie. She is a certified Victim Offender Dialogue facilitator with the Insight Prison Project, a nonfiction lit., Jazz LP, and art museum lover. She founded Corner to Corner in 2011 as a home in which independent content is fostered and celebrated.


To create Narrative content,  that is not only captivating, but also brimming with artistic integrity.
To support and partner with talented, passionate filmmakers and organizations who promote social action
and affect change through the medium of documentary film.